Project #12

I’m not entirely happy with this dress. It is far less chic and ten times more matronly than I had hoped! However, the fabric is bamboo so it’s incredibly soft and the fact that it’s a wrap makes the dress super comfortable to wear. So despite my misgivings I still can’t resist wearing it!

IMG_8273 edit     IMG_8277 edit


3 thoughts on “Project #12

  1. You did a great job making this dress, and I think it looks wonderful on you! It’s a classic style that should last you for years.

    Unless a wrap dress is the wrong size for you (especially if it’s too long, which doesn’t look to be the case here), I don’t think it will look matronly— a wrap dress is inherently sexy. With a dark solid color like your dress, so much depends on accessories, right? (The wrong shoes can certainly make an outfit look frumpy instead of chic.) For cooler times of the year, I’d wear this with boots, tights, a great scarf, and maybe even a leather moto jacket.

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