Project #10

10! Crazy.

This dress is from an old pattern I had for ages but had never used. I had a great time constructing it, mostly because the fabric is floral and boy am I obsessed with floral! I used to despise invisible zips but I am now rather fond of them – I love how well they blend into their surrounds. Again, looking forward to summer to wear this one!

IMG_8216 edit IMG_8222 editIMG_8207 editIMG_8210 edit


4 thoughts on “Project #10

  1. Happy 10! I think this is a great example of how dress envelopes can be really misleading… I’ve seen this pattern before and I have never been interested in it because look at the envelope! But your version is so chic and fresh!

    • Oh thank you, you’re very kind! I know what you mean – often the examples they show on pattern envelopes are hideous! Or at least really outdated. I guess the key is the fabric isn’t it. I personally think floral works with everything!! 🙂

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