Project #9

For my third project I made a pencil skirt that I absolutely adored…IMG_7711 edit2

Alas! I have sad news!

A few weekends ago I was wearing the skirt whilst preparing for some guests who were visiting that day. Just before they arrived I thought I’d do another quick wipe of the bathroom tiles. Without thinking, I bent down and immediately heard the sound of fabric tearing. Argh!! I’d managed to rip a rather sizeable hole in the back of my new skirt! I must say I was devastated…

IMG_8200 edit     IMG_8204 edit

Anyway, not the end of the world! I’m still debating over what I’ll do with the remnants, as I can’t bear to let the fabric go to waste! In the meantime I decided I needed to make another pencil skirt to make me feel better about the other one’s demise. I still had some of the Indonesian batik fabric I used to make cushions a while ago, and decided this would make a cheerful skirt to wear during the colder months. Here’s the result!

IMG_8178 editIMG_8181 editIMG_8187 edit


8 thoughts on “Project #9

  1. EEEP oh my goodness! This is like that time ripped a hole through a wrap dress I made right down the front of the bodice :(. I wonder if you can mend it with some fusible web and a remnant stuck on the back since the print is quite busy, I actually had to struggle a little to see the rip (… well and then I saw it and it’s pretty big :(). It wouldn’t be the same though :(.

    • Oh no that’s a shame about your dress 😦 Yes you’re right…I think I will give mending it a go and see how it turns out. But if it doesn’t look any good then I’ll just think of something else to transform it into!

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