Project #7

IN LOVE. That’s how I feel about this fabric. It’s a fine silk that is so soft and delicate. I’m getting married early next year and am planning to make the dresses for my bridesmaids – I have a feeling this will be the fabric I’ll use! It’s hard to get a good idea of the colour, because it looks so different depending on the light.The closest match is probably the colour of the final photo. 

I plan to make a cami to go underneath…I’ll keep you posted 🙂 Also, I haven’t hemmed it yet – the pattern suggested ‘leaving overnight to hang’ first. Which I’ve never heard of before! Can anyone shed some light on why this helps? IMG_8093 editIMG_8028 editIMG_8078 editIMG_8102 edit

8 thoughts on “Project #7

  1. If the fabric is cut on the bias, the fabric will stretch due to gravity. Therefore, apparently, you should let the fabric stretch to its maximum stretch with gravity before hemming it so you don’t end up with distorted seams. It’s because we obviously don’t wear our clothes horizontally, but vertically.

    I’ve read that some people think it’s true for drapey fabrics, woven stretch fabrics, and some think all clothes should hang before being hemmed. My common sense radar tells me it probably only makes a difference for bias cut and woven stretch fabrics because they do stretch a bit with gravity.

    Anyway congratulations on your coming wedding! This is a beautiful fabric for a bridesmaid dress, keep us posted :).

    • Wow, thanks! I had no idea. That definitely makes sense and makes me glad I followed that instruction! I always get excited when I learn something new about sewing – thanks for your help!

      Thank you! I will keep you posted for sure 😉

    • Thanks Jennifer! I did spend a while considering making my wedding dress as well, but ended up deciding against it because I think I would stress myself out too much! I instead drew the design that was in my head and took it to a dressmaker who I think will do a lovely job 🙂

  2. This is gorgeous! Handling silk chiffon is no small feat and you did a wonderful job. This fabric would make such pretty dresses, too! Good luck with the wedding preparations, and congratulations! Also, I agree with tifftoffee about why you sometimes need to hang garments before hemming them. It’s simply so that your hem ends up straight.

    • Thanks so much 🙂 I hope so – I can really imagine my bridesmaids in something sweet and floaty! Thanks for the advice, I’m so glad I know that now! Also sheds light on the failings of projects from the past! Thank you! 🙂

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