Project #6

Project 6! The weeks are going so quickly. So far this blogging business is definitely working at keeping my sewing motivation high (you might even say I’ve become a bit obsessed…oops).

This dress feels a little more dull than most things I make for myself, but it’s also very practical and versatile (admittedly not usually the things I look for in clothing!) so I’ll be able to wear it to work. I’ve already worn it (of course) and found it comfortable and surprisingly warm. There are a number of imperfections so please don’t look too closely! I find I’m still learning how to work effectively with stretch – I’d never realised how challenging it can be!IMG_8045 editIMG_8036 editIMG_8050 edit


2 thoughts on “Project #6

  1. Lovely dress as usual! Is it a knit fabric?

    Also do you find that you just don’t feel like sewing something when it’s basic? I’m currently supposed to be sewing a knee-length black skirt as a wardrobe staple but I am so ‘meh’ about it. I’m going to run out of blogging material if this keeps up!

    • Thank you! Yes it is 🙂

      Yes!! Totally! I think I’m mostly influenced by the fabric – unless it has a beautiful design or feels nice to touch, I become easily disinterested! Maybe you could get through making your black skirt by thinking about all the pretty tops you can make to go with it! 😉

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